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Black Belt Testing
- Saturday, April 20, 2024
Award Ceremony, Demonstration
- Saturday, Dec. 14, 2024
Home Program Information
Children Class Information
{4 to 5 Years Old}   (Mon/Wed)
{6 Years Old & Above}   Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
{Demo Team Class}    Tuesday
{Sparring -  11 Years & Under}   Friday
{Jr. Black Belt Level}   Tuesday & Thursday 
{Private Lessons}   Please call for more information
General Characteristics :
1. Student is extremely active and curious.
2. Student is very flexible and resilient both physically and mentally.
3. Student requires limits and boundary.
4. Student enjoys encouragement and appreciation of martial art.
Class Emphasizes:
1. Activities that develop basic skills like coordination, balance, and following instructions.
2. Skills such as running, jumping and kicking which assists in developing major muscle groups.
3. Discipline through consistent enforcement of rules.
4. Encouraging effort and cooperation.
5. Positive reinforcement to achieve goals or beyond.



Teen and Adult Class Information 
{Adult/All Belts}   Noon class - Monday & Thursday
{Teen & Adult/Beginner}   Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
{Teen & Adult/IntermediateMonday, Wednesday & Saturday
{Leadership Class}   Friday 
{Sparring/All belt Levels}   12 Years & Up - Wednesday
{Teen & Adult/Black Belt Level}   Tuesday & Thursday
{Private Lessons}   Please call for more information
General Characteristics:
1. Student is eager to be physically challenged and wants to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
2. Student has the desire to reach new goals.
3. Student wants to establish individuality with confidence.
4. Student has a strong desire to learn.
5. Student is ready to overcome criticism and feeling of failure.
Class Emphasizes:
1. Teaches skills with detail to achieve precision.
2. Provides many opportunities for success in the class
3. Encourages responsible behavior and goal setting.
4. Promotes team work and cooperation through small group activities.

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